Jurisdiction and Rules

The jurisdiction of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure includes:

  • Transportation, including civil aviation, railroads, water transportation, transportation safety (except automobile safety and transportation security functions of the Department of Homeland Security), transportation infrastructure, transportation labor, and railroad retirement and unemployment (except revenue measures related thereto)
  • Commercial space transportation
  • Coast Guard, including lifesaving service, lighthouses, lightships, ocean derelicts, and the Coast Guard Academy
  • Federal management of emergencies and natural disasters
  • Flood control and improvement of rivers and harbors
  • Inland waterways
  • Inspection of merchant marine vessels, lights and signals, lifesaving equipment, and fire protection on such vessels
  • Navigation and laws relating thereto, including pilotage
  • Registering and licensing of vessels and small boats
  • Rules and international arrangements to prevent collisions at sea
  • The Capitol Building, the Senate and House Office Buildings
  • Construction or maintenance of roads and post roads (other than appropriations therefore)
  • Construction or reconstruction, maintenance, and care of buildings and grounds of the Botanic Garden, the Library of Congress, and the Smithsonian Institution
  • Merchant marine (except for national security aspects thereof)
  • Purchase of sites and construction of post offices, customhouses, Federal courthouses, and Government buildings within the District of Columbia
  • Oil and other pollution of navigable waters, including inland, coastal, and ocean waters
  • Marine affairs, including coastal zone management, as they relate to oil and other pollution of navigable waters
  • Public buildings and occupied or improved grounds of the United States generally
  • Public works for the benefit of navigation, including bridges and dams (other than international bridges and dams)
  • Related transportation regulatory agencies (except the Transportation Security Administration)
  • Roads and the safety thereof
  • Water power

Committee Rules (118th Congress)