December 23, 2019

Chair DeFazio Statement on Dennis Muilenburg’s Departure as Boeing CEO

Washington, D.C. — Today, Chair of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure released the following statement after Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg resigned his position following two deadly crashes involving the Boeing 737 MAX:
“Based on what we’ve discovered so far in our investigation into the design, development and certification of the Boeing 737 MAX, it’s clear Dennis Muilenburg’s ouster was long overdue. Under his watch, a long-admired company made a number of devastating decisions that suggest profit took priority over safety. Furthermore, reports that Muilenburg attempted to pressure FAA into rushing the MAX back into service are highly troubling and I commend Administrator Dickson for making it known that FAA will take as much time as it needs to ensure safety comes first. This commitment to safety is something I take very seriously. Following the ValuJet crash in 1996, I led the charge in Congress to make sure FAA’s sole objective was protecting the safety of the flying public, and not promoting Boeing or any other member of the industry it regulates. I hope the decision to remove Muilenburg means that Boeing is also ready to mark a new chapter in its commitment to safety and accountability.”