October 13, 2021

Chairs DeFazio and Carbajal Statement on Sexual Assault Allegations at the United States Merchant Marine Academy and Aboard Training Vessels

Washington, D.C. — Chair of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure Peter DeFazio (D-OR) and Chair of the Subcommittee on Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation Salud Carbajal (D-CA) issued the following statement regarding allegations of rape and sexual harassment of students at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy and aboard training vessels:

“We must have zero tolerance when it comes to sexual assault,” Chairs DeFazio and Carbajal said. “This pattern of abuse in the maritime industry and the Sea Year program in particular has gone on far too long—we must reform the toxic culture that has allowed this problem to fester, and not stop until our seas are safe for everyone.”

“The devastating student testimonials that emerged this past week describe a dangerous culture within the Academy and the maritime industry at large. Enough is enough. Our committee is currently considering any and all options regarding the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, along with the Sea Year program.”