January 11, 2015

DeFazio Fights Administration's Decision to Open Border to Mexican Trucks Starting Monday

Washington, D.C. –Today, Ranking Member of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure Peter DeFazio (D-OR) pushed back on a decision by the Department of Transportation (DOT) to open the United States border to Mexican-domiciled trucking companies.

"Today, the Obama Administration notified me that as of Monday, the U.S. border will be open for Mexican-domiciled trucking companies to apply for long-haul operating authority.  I am deeply disappointed," DeFazio said. "They are justifying this decision, using data collected from Mexican trucks that they allowed to operate long haul in the U.S. as enterprise carriers, avoiding the more arduous pilot program. These carriers were not subject to the more rigorous safety inspections, electronic monitoring of hours of service compliance, and other measures to which pilot program carriers were subject. A December IG report showed that we do not truly know whether or not Mexican carriers pose a safety risk to our roads.  This Administration appears insistent on creating opportunities for Mexican carriers - which will have major impacts on safety, security, and American jobs.”

DeFazio raised several longstanding concerns with DOT:

  • “Cabotage” or hauling goods from one point to another within the United States
  • CDL requirements to guarantee Mexican truck drivers have valid commercial driver’s licenses and ensure that only safe and qualified drivers are permitted on American roads
  • Mexican hours of service requirements and compliance with American standards--currently, drivers can be on the road for days in Mexico prior to being subject to American hours of service requirements when they cross the border
  • Drug and alcohol testing standards that are comparable to American standards
  • Displaced American carriers--while Mexican trucks are eager to access American roads, American carriers do not want to expand into Mexico, meaning the loss of American jobs