January 11, 2017

DeFazio Re-Elected Top Democrat on House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Today, Congressman Peter DeFazio (D-OR) issued the following statement after being unanimously re-elected the Ranking Member of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure:

“As Ranking Member of the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, I have demonstrated an ability to both work with my Republican counterparts on the Committee, and to aggressively fight for Democratic priorities. In the coming Congress, I will be prepared to work with the majority and the new administration where we find common ground. However, I will not hesitate to fight short-sighted proposals that seek to privatize our transportation systems, jeopardize American jobs and manufacturing, or gut critical regulations that protect our workers and communities. We must unite and work together to ensure our Nation makes the necessary infrastructure investments to strengthen our economy, increase U.S. economic competitiveness, and improve the daily lives of our citizens.”


DeFazio has served as the Ranking Member of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure since January 2015 and been a member of the Committee since he was elected in 1986. During his time on the Committee, he has served as Chairman or Ranking Member of four of the six subcommittees: Aviation, Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation, Highways and Transit, and Water Resources and Environment. DeFazio has taken a lead role on several multi-billion-dollar surface transportation and FAA reauthorization bills, and worked to strengthen safety and worker fairness standards, including Buy America.