February 27, 2017

DeFazio Reacts to President Trump's Address to Congress

WASHINGTON, DC—Ranking Member of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure Congressman Peter DeFazio (D-OR) responded to President Trump's address to a Joint Session of Congress on February 28, 2017. Following are DeFazio's remarks:

“I have long advocated for increased investment in the nation’s roads, bridges, and transit systems, and President Trump has repeatedly said that he wants to invest in infrastructure and that he supports Buy America. He briefly reiterated those talking points again tonight. Yet again, the President failed to provide any real information about what his plan looks like, and more importantly how he pays for it. It’s easy to say you are for infrastructure investments—it’s a lot harder to offer real ways to pay for these critical investments.    

“Earlier this month, I sent President Trump three legislative ideas that would invest in our crumbling infrastructure. These Investing in America proposals will rebuild our crumbling roads, bridges, and transit systems, modernize our aging airport infrastructure, and boost funding to address coastal and inland harbors. These proposals are fully paid for, and would not increase the deficit by one penny.  

“We have an opportunity to make some badly needed investments in our nation’s infrastructure that we have been avoiding for decades, but it is going to require hard work and bipartisan cooperation. I hope that the President considers my serious proposals, so that we can build a modern transportation system that creates and sustains family-wage jobs, boosts American manufacturing, and keeps us competitive in the world economy.”