Press Releases

April 2022
Chair DeFazio Statement from Hearing on NTSB Reauthorization
House of Representatives Passes the SPEED Recovery Act
House of Representatives Passes the Resilient AMERICA Act—A Bipartisan T&I Plan to Deploy Disaster Resources Faster
Chairs DeFazio, Titus Statements from Hearing on FEMA’s Priorities for 2022
Chair DeFazio Announces Full Committee Hearing on NTSB’s Reauthorization
Chairs DeFazio, Titus Announce Hearing on FEMA’s 2022 Priorities
March 2022
Chair DeFazio Introduces Legislation to Strengthen Aviation Safety Standards at Foreign Repair Stations
House of Representatives Passes Transportation and Infrastructure Bills Cleared by T&I Committee, Including Legislation to Prevent Sexual Violence in Transportation
House of Representatives Passes the Bipartisan Don Young Coast Guard Authorization Act
Chair DeFazio Statement on Mark Forkner Verdict
Chair Carbajal Statement from Field Hearing on Strengthening Small Passenger Vessel Safety
Chair DeFazio Mourns the Passing of Rep. Don Young
Chairs DeFazio, Carbajal Announce Field Hearing on the U.S. Coast Guard’s Efforts to Improve Vessel Safety
Chairs DeFazio, Larsen Statements from Hearing on Mitigating Aviation Noise
T&I Members Request Regular Briefings with FAA on 5G Deployment
Chairs DeFazio, Napolitano Statements from Members’ Day Hearing for WRDA 2022
Chairs DeFazio and Larsen Announce Hearing on Mitigating Aviation Noise
Chairs DeFazio, Napolitano Announce Members’ Day Hearing on Proposals for WRDA 2022
Chairs DeFazio and Titus Write to GSA Regarding Their Process for Determining Applicability of Recent Economic Sanctions
Chairs DeFazio, Payne, Jr. Statements from Hearing to Discuss the Surface Transportation Board Reauthorization’s Role in Improving Rail Service in the U.S.