September 29, 2022

T&I Chair DeFazio Calls on Interferry Conference to Remove Panelist with Record of Labor Malpractice

Washington, DC – Today, the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure Chair Peter DeFazio (D-OR) called on Mike Corrigan, Chief Executive Officer, Interferry, to remove Peter Hebblethwaite as a panelist for the Interferry Conference due to his illegal and unbecoming actions.
“Mr. Hebblethwaite laid off 800 employees virtually, replaced them with cheap labor well below the United Kingdom’s (UK) minimum wage, and broke UK law,” DeFazio wrote. “He was voted Europe’s worst employer by the Congress of the European Transport Workers' Federation earlier this year and admitted to a parliamentary select committee that he knowingly broke the law but choose to do so anyway.”
“Employers like that have no place at an Interferry conference…His presence on the ‘Power and People’ panel is an insult to all seafarers,” DeFazio continued.
DeFazio encouraged Corrigan “to remove Mr. Hebblethwaite as a panelist from the Interferry conference.”
The full letter can be found here.