June 07, 2021

Chair DeFazio Releases Updated Text of the INVEST in America Act That Now Includes Member Designated Projects

Updated Bill Text

Washington, DC - Today, Chair of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure Peter DeFazio (D-OR) released an amendment in the nature of a substitute (ANS) to the INVEST in America Act, a transformative five-year, $547 billion surface transportation reauthorization bill that includes selected Member Designated Projects. Selected projects appear starting on page 47 of the ANS.

“I’m proud to announce the Member Designated Projects that were awarded funding today, and I thank Ranking Member Sam Graves for working with me and leading efforts on the Republican side of the aisle,” Chair DeFazio said. “With our reforms to the process to ensure transparency and local support, it certainly was not an easy nor quick task for our committee to vet thousands of submissions. But it was absolutely worth it to give elected representatives the chance to directly advocate on behalf of their districts in our surface transportation bill. Together, we can help give viable projects the funding they need to get across the finish line, one of many steps we can take to get moving on the backlog of badly-needed infrastructure projects located in every congressional district across the country.”

Of the 2,383 projects submitted for vetting, the committee included 1,473 Member Designated Projects, from both Democrats and Republicans, at a total cost of $5,661,582,573. A further breakdown is below:

MDP 2021 Table

*A total of 38 projects were “coordinated” or the total was split among multiple members. For 3 projects among these, both Democrats and Republicans were awarded funding for the same project.

Chair DeFazio has scheduled a markup of the INVEST in America Act for Wednesday, June 9.

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